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20 of the Best Sad Shayari in Hindi on Love and Life



We happen to have a lot of crucial moments and experiences in our lives. Millions of thoughts, ready to put dents in this world. Thousands of sorrows and troubles to solve. Thank God some sincere and passionate person started writing poetry, cause I can’t even imagine how much we would’ve missed if there was no such thing in this world as Poetry, Shayari, Writing.

Poetry is an art used to translate a person’s thoughts, feelings, and visions while creating magic with the righteousness of words, rhyming with each other. For one, poetry is like capturing a moment and keeping it within oneself, ready to relive it again sometime, with the same feelings inside, the satisfaction to trap a moment written in a beautiful sum of words. Readers can never escape the zone they enter once they start feeling the poetry they read, such a blissful and empathetic moment for a true poet and poem lover.

In parts of India and some other countries, we often find people reciting ‘shayaris’ and ‘kavitayein’ in Poet Conferences, where a bunch of poets come together to make humongous magic with words and raw sentiments.

Compilation of Best Shayari in Hindi

Mai thak gaya tha Parwah karte karte,
Jabse Beparwah hu,
Aaram sa hai.

Tum Hairan kar do Haal puch kar mera,
Sab accha hai kehkar mai bhi kamaal kar du.

Badle hai unke mizaz kuch dino se,
Wo baat to karte hai magar baate nahi karte.

Har haal mai hasne ka hunar Paas tha jinke,
Wo rone lage hai,
koi toBaat hogi.

Bas itni kareeb raho,
Baat naa bhi ho toh Duri naa lage.

Narazagi kuch aise bhi jatati hai wo,
Khafa jis roz ho kajal nahi lagati hai wo.

Saari shikayato ka hisaab jodkar rakha tha maine,
Usne gale lagakar saara hisaab he bigaad diya.

Kabhi to kharch kar diya karo Khud to mujh par,
Yeh tasalli to rahe ki mamuli nahi hai hum.

Maine yaad utha kar dekhi thi aaj,
Ek din tum mere the.

Kuch to khaas hai jo tujhe Mujhse jode rakhta hai,
Itna maaf to maine Khud ko bhi nahi kia.

Bade wafadar hai aaj kal ke rishtey,
Yaad hum naa kare toh,
Koshish wo bhi nahi karte.

Tumhare paas toh fir bhi tum hi,
Mere paas to ab main bhi nahi..

Har us shaqs se lad lete hai hum,
Jinhe hum khona nahi chahte.

Ek hasrat thi ki kabhi wo bhi manaye,
Par yeh kambhakt dil kabhi unse rutha he nahi.

Some more Shayari in Hindi:

Tu bhi sahi hai main bhi sahi hu,
Bas yehi ek baat galat hai.

Kabhi bepanah baras padi kabhi ghum si hai,
Yeh baarish bhi kuch kuch tum si hai.

Har nayi cheez acchi lagti hai,
Magar dost puraane he acche lagte hai.

Mila toh bohot kuch zindagi me,
Bas hum ginti usi ki karte hai,
Jo haasil naa ho saka.

Khoobsurat sa wo pal tha,
Par kya kare wo kal tha.

Dar yeh hai ki kahi usey kho naa du,
Sach yeh hai ki usey kabhi paya he nahi.

We hope you liked this article on Shayari in Hindi. Let us know in the comments about your opinions and views.

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