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Anuel AA Net Worth (2022)



Anuel AA net worth

Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, also known by his stage name Anuel AA is a well-known singer and rapper who hails from Carolina, Puerto Rica. He is one of the most famous figures in the music industry. In addition to this, he is also the pioneer of the Latin trap reggaeton music genre. The 28 years old successful rapper and singer also achieved a title during the Billboard Latin Music Award. He is also famous for creating powerful music which revolves around crime and the urban life of Puerto Rico. His estimated net worth stands at $20 million as of 2022.

Net Worth:$20 Million
Profession:Rapper, Singer
Birth Date:November 26, 1992
Nationality:Puerto Rican
Birthplace:Carolina, Puerto Rico
Height:5 ft 6 inches
Weight:69 kg
Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius
Last Updated:2022

Early Life and Education

Anuel AA was born on 27th November 1992 in Carolina, Puerto Rico. His parents raised him along with a sibling named Leyyan, Jliany. His father, Jose Gazmey, worked as a vice president of the A&R department of Sony Music in the Puerto Rican division, while his mother, Nilda Santiago, was a homemaker. According to him, his father played a significant role in his excellent music career. He belonged to the music industry, so Anuel received considerable support to pursue his dreams since childhood. He has a deep interest in songwriting and rapping since a young age. While growing up, he got more engaged with building his career in music.

Anuel completed his early education from the Colegio Maria Auxiliadora, a co-educational catholic school in Carolina. He had deep inclinations towards becoming a singer from a young age. However, his involvement in music made him drop out of school later. Instead, he entirely devoted himself to music and making a career in rapping and singing. Moreover, he didn’t even attend any college or pursued his graduation as music became the sole purpose of his life.


During his teenage, Anuel’s efforts and dedication towards music started to show their results. In 2009, he kickstarted his music career by signing with the Maybach Music Group. He released his first song in 2011, which came out as a big hit and showered him with opportunities to work with work and collaborate with some great artists, including Jory Boy, Ozuna, Arcangel, and De La Ghetto.

Later on, he released his first remix song named ‘Sola’ followed by the second song titled ‘Esclava’ on 2nd September 2015. The track came out as a huge success and received 109 million views on YouTube in three months of posting. Later on, he released a new song named ‘Real Hasta La Muerte,’ which achieved the top place of the Billboard Top Latin Albums in just 24 hours of uploading. The audience well received the 12 pieces of the album.

Unfortunately, his growing career took hold on 3rd April 2016 when he got arrested and three other artists charged with carrying illegal weapons in the car, including pistols, nine clips, and bullets. After he was imprisoned, his fans started the #Freeanuel movement, which later became viral. After two years of gap, he released a track titled ‘Thinkin‘ by Spiff Television on 6th April 2018 while serving imprisonment. The track featured him along with Bad Bunny and Future. Finally, on 17th July 2018, he was released from jail. Soon after his released, he launched his debut album named Real Hasta La Muerte.

Currently, Anuel AA is a social media sensation. He has a huge fan following on Instagram as well as YouTube with 21.8 million subscribers.

Personal Life

Anuel has a son named Pablo Anuel from his previous relationship with Astrid Cuevas. Unfortunately, soon after his son’s birth, things didn’t work out between the couple, and they parted ways. Afterward, he met with a female singer, Karol G, during his song, Culpabes, and soon after, the pair started dating each other.

Net Worth and Awards

  • Anuel AA has earned most of his wealth through his professional career as a rapper and singer. 
  • Anuel has been nominated for the Billboard Music in the top Latin Artist. 
  • He has also won several awards, including the Billboard Latin Music Awards and Heat Latin Music Awards. 
  • His estimated net worth stands at $20 million as of 2022. 

Famous Quotes by Anuel AA

Being real is what keeps me humble. It doesn’t matter how much money I make or how much I accomplish. What’s critical is staying real to myself and keeping my feet on the ground. That’s what helps keep me going.”― Anuel AA

“Whatever happens, I’m going to adapt to it. I always been like that all my life.”― Anuel AA

“I feel blessed.”― Anuel AA

“People who really love you are the ones who stand firm by you when things are bleak.”― Anuel AA

“There are a lot of people out there that don’t value their family the way they are supposed to. I value mine above everything else.”― Anuel AA

“Everything I do I do it for my family.”― Anuel AA

As of 2022, Anuel AA’s net worth is $20 million.

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