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Celebrities No-Makeup Look That Will Leave You Stunned



Celebs without makeup

The journey of self-love started a long time ago, and the #nomakeup trend encouraged women to embrace their insecurities and natural self. Makeup that gives a no makeup look is a thing too. When we see some celebs hopping on this trend, we realize they are just like us. We have everything from Kim Kardashian’s makeup-free look to Meghan Trainor’s makeup-free look. Check out their natural looks and get inspired to go makeup-free next time!

Kylie Jenner:

Kylie Jenner is an American socialite, model and businesswoman. She owns a cosmetic brand – KYLIE SKINS. She started this brand at the age of 16 and changed the lip lining routines of every girl in the world. Her whole life is surrounded by Makeup. So seeing her face without Makeup is rare. Here is a picture of her face with cute freckles and eyelash extensions.

Kylie jenner without makeup

Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian is an American media personality. She is known for this famous show – keeping up with the Kardashians. Kim loves having full face makeup on and equally loves skincare. She is the owner of her cosmetic brand – SKKN. She has revealed her face without Makeup on the show numerous times. It’s refreshing to watch her flawless complexion with wrinkle-free skin, especially with such a great facial structure. She is one of the confident women who posed for Vogue without Makeup. Here is Kim flying Makeup free.

Kim Kardashian without makeup


Zendaya is an actress, dancer and singer. She is multi-talented, for sure. She is one of the 100 most influential people in the world. And who doesn’t love Zendaya? She is an icon for real. She can pull off any look. She loves dressing up in a retro aesthetic. It’s sufficient to say that Zendaya is drop-dead gorgeous without Makeup. She has an impressive facial structure with flawless skin. Well, she is undoubtedly a diva for her selfies and expressions.

Zendaya without makeup


Rihanna is a very famous hip-hop singer in the music industry. She also has a makeup brand – FENTY. She is an attractive businesswoman, an artist and a fashion designer. She is always dressed up in her hipster style to rock on stage. Her fans love to see her without Makeup sometimes. Here is Rihanna sharing an ‘off to Bed’ look, making a statement with her big hoop earrings.

Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga is an American singer and songwriter. She is known for her lavish and super crazy wardrobe. Do we know anyone else who can pull off a meat dress?? She is always making appearances with powerful & memorable pieces. She is an inspiration for sure. In the past, she has opened up about her insecurities and gave credit to Makeup for her confidence, but that didn’t stop her from going Makeup free for her movie – ‘A star is born. Here is Lady Gaga showing her pre-glam face.

Lady gaga without makeup

Nicki Minaj:

Nicki Minaj is an American rapper and is known for flaunting her sassy style, and Makeup looks with her statement eyelashes. Her best single is “Super Bass”. Her constant sightings show how attractive she looks without Makeup too. Here is Nicki in a cherry red tracksuit running errands with no makeup at all.

Cardi B:

Cardi B is an American rapper and a candid songwriter. She knows how to grab people’s attention with her makeup looks, style and music. Here, Cardi B is comfortable in sweats without Makeup on her way out and is Rockin’ her big blue nails.

Cardi B without makeup

Kris Jenner:

Kris Jenner is an American socialite and a MomManager – (Mom and manager of all her famous daughters). She has an extraordinary personality with bewildering management skills. Her two daughters- Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, have skincare brands, and she proudly uses and promotes them. Even in her sixties, she has glowing skin. Here is Kris Jenner’s Makeup free face while sharing her night skincare routine.

Kris Jenner without makeup


Beyonce is an American singer and lyricist. Her songs would make you start dancing in seconds.x She is one hell of a stunning woman. She has subtle Makeup with insane outfits, showing she doesn’t look much different from her natural face. It’s scarce to catch her Makeup free face, though.

Beyonce without makeup

Britney Spears:

Britney Spears is an American singer and dancer. She is known as “Princess of Pop”. She is always slaying her look with her heavy eye makeup. She is rarely seen without her signature eyeliner. She stated that no makeup is the way to go well except mascara. It makes her look young and so much better.

Britney spears without makeup

Meghan Fox:

Meghan fox is an actress and a stunning model. She was named the sexiest woman in the world. She got famous after she starred in transformers. It’s rare to get sightings of American actresses without Makeup, but Meghan is often spotted with her clean look. Here is Meghan looking super sweet and cute, supporting a sporty look.

Meghan fox without makeup

Bebe Rexha:

Bebe Rexha is a singer and songwriter. She always makes an appearance with a super glam makeup look. Here is Bebe sharing her #nomakeup look with the caption – bare. Her face looks so fresh and clear. She is gorgeous with or without her Makeup.

bebe rexha without makeup

Meghan Trainor:

Meghan Trainor is a singer and producer of music. She has been a massive part of the #nomakeup movement. She said that Makeup is just artificial beauty for a short period, and we need to show our natural selves with our real faces without Makeup. She always has minimal Makeup and never found to overdo it. Here is Meghan supporting the movement and going Makeup free.

meghan trainor without makeup

All the celebrities are slaying their natural looks and look equally gorgeous with Makeup. Try the #nomakeup movement and let your skin breathe sometimes.

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