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Cody Ko Net Worth (2022)



Cody Ko net worth


Cody Kolodziejzyk, also known as Cody Ko, is a well-known YouTuber, podcaster, rapper, comedian, and actor famous for his hilarious reaction videos and stand-up comedy. He has a huge fan following on social media platforms, including YouTube, with 5.87 million subscribers. Cody rose to fame with his short comedy skits on the vine, an American Social networking platform. In addition, he runs two YouTube podcast channels where he uploads a series named ‘That’s Cringe’ with his friend named Noel Miller. In addition to this, the 30-year-old famous YouTuber has also launched an iPhone app named ‘I’d Cap That,’ which turned out to be the free app of the week. Cody Ko has amassed a net worth of $4 million as of 2022.

Net Worth:$4 Million
Profession:YouTuber, Rapper & Actor
Birth Date:November 22, 1990
Birthplace:Calgary, Canada
Height:5 ft 9 inches
Weight:68 kg
Last Updated:2022

Early Life and Education

Cody Ko was born on 22nd November 1990 in Calgary, Alberta. Canada. He was raised along with Krista Anne by his father, Gregory Kolodziejzyk, and his mother, Helen Kolodziejzyk. His parents worked as entrepreneurs. He completed his education at the Springbank Community High School. Cody focused on his parent’s footsteps during the earlier stage of his life and pursued graduation in computer science from Duke University. During his college life, he had a deep interest in sports, including swimming and diving. In 2008, he also participated in the Olympics trials and got qualified for the 2012 Olympics.

In addition to this, he developed an interest in music and eventually started hip-hop music. He gradually developed inclinations towards rapping and, after that, grabbed the public attention and appreciation through his short comic skits on Vine. His wicked sense of humor made him achieve a lot of love and fame. His parents are also known to have run in marathons after they sold their software business. Cody’s father shot to fame by breaking the world record by running the longest distance in 24 hours. Followed by this, Cody’s parents started running in ultramarathons for 100 miles.


After completing his graduation from Duke University, Cody created an iPhone app named “I’d Cap That,” which helped customers add captions to their pictures. The application became a success at the initial stage, where it became the Free App of the Week on the app store. Gradually, it garnered four million downloads in just four months. Following his degree, Cody started working at various firms as a software engineer. After that, he Achieved popularity by making small comic skits on Vine, an American social networking platform.

He is currently running a successful YouTube channel with 5.61 million subscribers. He initially uploaded vlogs concerning his daily life; afterwards, he started uploading reaction videos and often comments on various issues and personalities once his channel started speeding up. Some of his best YouTube videos include Weird Instagram Comments with Corinna Kopf and Instagram comedians.

In recent years, he has started collaborating small songs, videos, comedy, and more with a famous YouTuber and his friend, Noel Miller. The duo initially met at a programming job in LA. Currently, they run a YouTube series named ‘That’s Cringe.’ Some of his other famous videos include a comedy rap collabo, Tiny Meat Gang and Locals only, and more. ‘That’s Cringe’ is a commentary series for which Cody and Noel won the best podcast in the Shortly Awards in 2019. Moreover, Cody Ko often uploads some videos with a fellow YouTuber and his girlfriend, Kesley Kreppel.

Personal Life

Cody Ko met his lady love, Kesley Kreppel, at a party in 2017. Since then, they started dating each other. Kesley also works as a YouTuber; the couple has collaborated several times and often posts videos.

Famous Quotes by Cody Ko

“You’re left wondering: who can I really trust in this world? The answer is: nobody.”― Cody Ko

“I am the meme Lord.”― Cody Ko

“Just a couple of bros doing magic in their apartment on a Friday night. I can relate.”― Cody Ko

Awards and Achievements

Cody Ko has won several awards in his professional career, including Best Podcast, Shortly Awards, and nominated for the YouTuber of the year, Shortly Awards, Audience Choice Best Show of the year, Streamy awards, and Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series, Streamy Awards. He earns his overall wealth through his professional career as a YouTuber, actor, comedian, and rapper. His estimated net worth stands at $4 million as of 2022.

As of 2022, Cody Ko’s net worth is $4 million.

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