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10 Effective Ways to Improve Communication Skills



Good communication skill is a crucial aspect of an individual’s personality that makes him stand out from the crowd. The confidence while having a conversation and the ability to express yourself is what people find attractive. Having great communication skills is associated with building good relationships at both the personal and professional front. It helps you deliver clarity in your point and make people understand you well in the first place. Incorporating effective communication skills is a straightforward process of winning at every level of your life including job interviews, meeting and personal relationships.

Top 10 Tips to Improve Communication Skills

1. Incorporate Reading Habits

Read books

Both reading and speaking go hand-in-hand. Select a number of novels and pay attention to the style of delivering a message. Reading helps you frame your message in the correct way that sounds both informative and appealing. In addition to this, learning good communication skills involves understanding how the audience consumes the message. Reading enables you to stop, think, process, and imagine the narrative form.

2. Engage your Listener

An effective communication should be a two-way process. No matter how good you are at putting up conversations unless and until you can engage your listener. Make eye contact and draw the attention of your listener. To extend the conversation, ask good questions and invite opinions. To keep your listeners engaged, make way for healthy debate and feedback.

3. Simplify your Message

People does not like to listen to complicated and puzzled stories. Keep your message to the point, straightforward, and as simple as possible. This is the best way to make people easily understand your point and get engaged in the conversation. Moreover, an easy and understandable message helps in enhancing its credibility and get immediate attention as well as response from the listener.

4. Practice Non-verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication plays a major role in enhancing your communication skills. It involves listening and absorbing what a person is saying. Paying attention to the person’s style of speaking as well as observing the tone helps you to frame your message in the best way possible. According to the studies, your body language is responsible for how well you perceive your speaker. Listening plays a great role in understanding the level of a person’s interest in a particular topic. Engaging yourself in active listening helps you to grasp the message, understand it well, put up informative questions and offer an opinion.  

5. Think Before You Speak

Think before you speak

No matter how good speaker you are, delivering impulsive messages is a normal human tendency. Most people tend to speak first and think later, which might land them in an awkward or embarrassing situation. Before delivering your message, always take a small pause to pay attention to what you are saying. Never deliver the first thing that comes to your mind. Think, summarize, pay attention and then deliver your message to ensure healthy conversation.

6. Maintain Eye Contact with the Listener

Maintaining eye contact with your listener while you are having a conversation creates a sense of understanding and interactivity. Moreover, it encourages your listener to participate in the conversation by putting up questions, presenting opinions and feedback. In case you are having a conversation or interview with more than one person, try to make time to time eye contact with each one of them to assure that they are paying attention to your point. It helps in keeping the group involved in the discussion. 

7. Ensure Good Body Language

Maintaining good body language in the interviews and meeting plays an important role in creating a great impression. People pay a lot of attention to how you present yourself while speaking and perceive you accordingly. Improving your body language involve paying attention to how your sit or stand, make movements of arms and hand while expressing yourself and your facial expressions along with the head movements. Aligning your body with your words is the best way to improve your communication skills. 

8. Be Confident and Calm

Public speaking is an art that requires a lot of confidence and calm. Being confident in your speech and body language can make you stand out in every field and achieve milestones. To gain confidence, one needs to come out of their comfort zone and interact with as many people as possible daily. It enables you to understand the thought process of people and adapt speaking styles accordingly. People are more likely to pay attention to your words and take them seriously when you are confident and calm in your words. Stick to your point and maintain a calm tone to make people understand you easily. 

9. Participate in Discussion and Events

Meeting and interacting with new people enable you to observe and study the behavior of each individual. Attend various events and contribute your point in discussions. It will help you to gain confidence and enhance your communication skills. Interacting with new people also helps you to adapt their unique speaking style and enhance yours as well. In addition to this, daily interaction with different people enables you to improvise your communication technique and gain knowledge out of the conversation. Events are the best place to gain maximum interaction opportunities. 

10. Learn to manage Emotions while Speaking

Emotions lay a great impact on the way you speak. Being happy, sad, excited or annoyed brings variations in your communicating style. People tend to listen more when you have stability and calmness in your speech. Learn the art of maintaining a calm tone even if you are feeling frustrated. It is the best way to make people listen to your point and understand it altogether. Practice self-control and you will be able to deliver your message without being emotionally unstable. While listening to a person, take a pause, control your emotions and respond politely. This is the best way to improve communication skills. 

Mastering the art of good communication takes time and efforts. Practice these tips to make any difficult conversation seem easy and make a strong impression on the people you meet.

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