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Greta Thunberg Net Worth (2022)



Greta Thunberg Net Worth


Greta Thunberg is a Swedish environmental activist who skipped school to protest the international climate change revolution. Greta shot to fame after she protested outside the country’s parliament alone, holding a sign stating ‘School Strike for Climate’ in 2018. As the days passed, more people joined the strike until the movement ‘Fridays for Future‘ was created. Every Friday, people gathered outside the parliament demanding the government adhere to all the points of the Paris Agreement. Her zeal to change gradually led to a historical protest for climate worldwide. Her activism and international reach made her TIME’s 2019 Person of the year. Greta’s estimated net worth stands at $1 million as of 2022.

Net Worth:$1 Million
Profession:Climate Action Activist
Birth Date:January 3, 2003
Birthplace:Stockholm, Sweden
Last Updated:2022

Early Life

Greta Thunberg was born on 3rd January 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden. She was raised by her father, Malena Ernman, who worked as an actor, and her mother, Svante Thunberg, an opera singer. At seventeen, Greta skipped school to protest and spark an international climate change revolution. She belonged to the Swedish nationality.


The beginning of Greta’s career was directly connected to her struggling childhood. As a kid, Greta experienced an extensive period of muteness and wretchedness, mainly credited to her being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, considered an Autism Spectrum Disorder. People with Asperger Syndrome ordinarily battle with issues identifying with anomalies in friendly communication (like with most chemical imbalance), but then keep up with a standard language and insight improvement. It is common for those with Asperger Syndrome to be attracted to solitary subjects and marks of centre and interest. For Greta’s situation, this particular focal point was environmental change.

She first learned about man-made environmental change at the age of eight years. Within a couple of brief years, her interest and worry with the subject have driven her to roll out specific considerable improvements to her life and standpoint. She turned into a veggie-lover because the domesticated animal industry is a huge donor of ozone-harming substances. During her teenage years, it became evident to Greta that rolling out personal changes wasn’t sufficient. Trying to make a more critical effect, Thunberg concocted an approach to draw in consideration of administrators and government authorities and to spike them right into it on environmental change.

For three weeks during the approach to Swedish races in September 2018, Greta skipped school to sit outside the parliament working in Stockholm, conveying a custom-made sign that expressed “Skolstrejk for Klimatet” (School Strike for Climate). Despite being distant from everyone else on the principal day of her dissent, every day carried with it an ever-increasing number of members quick to assist with bringing issues to light of the current issue. In a little while, the account of Greta Thunberg’s school strike started to accumulate both public and worldwide consideration. Following the political decision, Greta was selected to get back to school.

Net Worth

  • Greta has millions of followers on her Twitter and Instagram handles, where she generates a considerable amount of advertising revenue. 
  • She relieves $100,000 in prize money from the Danish charity Human Act, which she donates for the foundation.
  • Her estimated net worth stands at $1 million as of 2022.


  • Fritt Ord Award in 2019
  • Ambassador of Conscience Award in 2019
  • International Children’s Peace Prize in 2019
  • Rachel Carson Prize in 2019
  • Time Person of the Year in 2019
  • Nordic Council Environment Prize (declined)
  • Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity in 2019 and 2020

As of 2022, Greta Thunberg’s net worth is $1 million.

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