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GT Dave Net Worth (2022)



GT Dave net worth


George Thomas Dave, also known as GT Dave, is a successful businessman who hails Beverly Hills, California, United States. GT Dave is popularly known for running the Kombucha company, one of the largest fermented tea brands with black or green tea drinks. It was founded by his parents and is currently managed by GT Dave himself. Kombucha tea is slightly alcoholic and proves highly beneficial for health. The company owns 40% of the Kombucha market in the United States. The company was started in the late 90s and currently holds massive success. His estimated net worth stands at $1 billion.

Net Worth:$1 Billion
Birthplace:Beverly Hills, California, United States
Height:5 ft 11 inches (1.8 m)
Weight:81 kg
Last Updated:2021

Early Life

GT Dave was born on 17th May 1997 in Beverly Hills, California, United States. He was raised by his father, Michael Dave, and mother Laraine Dave as an attorney in California. George spent his childhood in a good-income family along with his two elder brothers. Since the age of 15, George was having the mind of a businessman. In 1992, one of his family friends gifted their Kombucha; while his parents started brewing and consuming it, George was planning to bring it to the market. George Thomas Dave did his schooling at the Beverly Hills high school in California. Later on, he pursued business at Santa Monica College.


During his graduation, he gave a small start to his business by starting the Kombucha brewing himself. By 1955, George used to brew Kombucha at home, and his father ran the business. George began to sell his products, including 24 bottles of Kombucha. He also got his company branded as GT Kombucha. While brewing Kombucha, George received a helping hand from his mother, as she shared her cancer story with the people and set up tables to allow people to test the brew. 

As his business started growing, he rented industrial space in his garden area to set up his company. He began hiring employees to ensure a big business; it needed a considerable workforce. With the growing demand for the tea, he began working even harder on producing the Kombucha. Although he was having the machines and required amount of human resources, he kept on using the traditional way to brew Kombucha under maximum supervision, which made him work harder. He even used to sleep late to brew maximum Kombucha. 

Gradually, his business acquired advancements, and its popularity grew worldwide. This company is located in Vernon city, southern downtown Los Angeles, California. The overall work involved in the company included producing and selling handicrafts of raw and organic kombucha tea. It is a probiotic fermented drink with a slight alcoholic element. In addition to this, the GT’s living food producers involved Veggie kefir, Coco kefir, Synergy, alive, Cocoyu and Kombucha. These producers are available in the local health-food markets. 

The company didn’t even require to spend any money on advertising their products. They loved to spread information about it on their own. Kombucha tea is associated with several health benefits due to which it is also consumed by some famous personalities such as Reese Witherspoon, Madonna, and more. However, with the growing popularity of the kombucha company, the whole foods industry raised several questions regarding its delivery. Later on, the products were accepted by the industry. 

Currently, GT Living Foods is holding 40% of the US Kombucha Market.

Awards and Achievements

  • GT Dave has achieved a lot from just traditional brewing. Today, he is one of the most outstanding entrepreneurs people. 
  • He brought Kombucha into the market and currently holds 40% of it. 
  • GT launched five new Chia varieties in synergy kombucha. 
  • In 2020, GT Dave received the Entrepreneur’s award in greater Los Angeles; the Entrepreneur of the year award is one of the most prestigious awards for the most outstanding entrepreneurs.

Net Worth

  • George Dave earns the overall wealth from his company, GT’s living foods. 
  • Currently, he is holding 40% of the Kombucha market in the United States. 
  • His estimated net worth stands at $1 billion as of 2022.

Personal Life

George Dave is gay and dated Allan Fanucchi for around seven years. In 2018, they even celebrated seven years of togetherness. Later on, George got married to him, and currently, the couple is living a happily married life. Their wedding took place in June 2019 in Kauai, the Hawaiian Islands. However, his life hasn’t been easy as it seems. He lost one of his brothers due to bone cancer. Just after his death, George’s parents got divorced. The dangerous disease has also hit his mother after the divorce. Fortunately, his mother was saved from breast cancer and is currently living a healthy life. Since childhood, George was so inclined towards brewing Kombucha that he began drinking around ten bottles daily.

As of 2022, GT Dave’s net worth is $1 Billion.

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