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35+ I Don’t Care Quotes Specially for You



Did you ever notice what that one common trait about the people you idolize and get inspired off is? That one thing sets them aside from just everybody in the room and makes them quite the Alphas? It makes you curious, right?. Well, it’s that ‘I Don’t Care’ attitude these people in suits bear, which makes them just exceptional and charismatic. The moment a bold and confident person enters the room, it’s bound to happen that everybody seems to like them. This attitude has been quite a game-changer for people in both their Personal and Professional life. Who doesn’t want to become everyone’s center of attention and get love from everyone? Well, this simple technique can make you instantly much more attractive, courageous, and the ruling personality in the community. 

What’s with ‘Not Caring’?-

It’s a well-renowned business tactic to make others feel important and give them time and value. The more you feed them with your attention, the more they stay. However, miserably fails when used in one-on-ones and group conversations. According to various researches, it has been calculated that over 80% of people around us find that ‘not going to care’ vibe immensely impressive. When people feel like they need to win someone’s attention over in a conversation, they tend to give more time. Surprisingly this works all the time. If you only imagine that you’re an emperor and you don’t need to explain anything to anyone, that is visible to everyone and has its outcomes, usually in your favor. They should feel like your attitude is screaming ‘I Don’t Care.’

Furthermore, if you add just a little sophistication through your clothing style, talking less, and deepening your pitch, you, for sure, will get visible results as quick as that. Remember, this shouldn’t look fake or unreal or something you’re just trying for the first time; look real, like it’s coming from your heart. If people sniff your little plan out, you might blow this up.

Should I never care about anything?

You must be thinking, should I just blatantly stop caring about everything, even if it’s your friends and loved ones who want to interact? Well, things maybe aren’t the way you are guessing they are. Stop caring doesn’t mean being all rude and shady. You are supposed to be a self-loving person who minds their own business, but that never meant that you need to maintain distance. Your goal is to become an authority figure of the conversation but start interacting with others once you get to that point. People should feel just a little feeling of left out, just a little. Once you provide them with this neutral yet uninterested sense, they’ll get attentive. Then switch back to a cool, calm, and friendly personality, a deadly combination. This process is supposed to work if done smoothly and unknowingly.

Some good personalities and characters known to use the same technique are Harvey Spectre, Jordan Belfort, Tyler Durden, Damon Salvatore, Leonardo So Caprio, and many more.

37 I Don’t Care Quotes

I don't care quotes

Don’t be embarrassed by who you are. They’re going to judge you no matter what you do.

I don't care quotes best

The less I care, the happier I am.

I don't care quotes for you

When you stop thinking of others you will feel awesome.

I know you want me to share your feelings but right now I just don’t care.

I don't care quotes on respect yourself

When people treat you like they don’t care, believe them.

If you want to live, stop asking permission – do it now and regret later. What other people think is none of your business.

I don't care quotes on life

Life is better when you stop caring too much.

I don't care quotes for peoples

I don’t care what people think. People are stupid.

Best I don't care quotes

I care not for the follies of my peers. I stay true to myself.

Sometimes in life it becomes very important to stop caring and move on.

I don't care quotes for world

Don’t care about the world, just be yourself.

I don't care quotes on be yourself

No matter what they say about you, just be yourself.

Inspirational I don't care quotes

Just focus on yourself there is no room of others.

If you want to live, stop asking permission, do it now and regret later.

I don't care quotes

I don’t care if you don’t care.

I Don’t Care Quotes on Love:

I’ll never stop caring, but if you decide to push me away, I’ll go.

I don't care quotes to express feelings

I know you want me to share your feelings but right now I just don’t care.

I’m not heartless, I’ve just learned how to use my heart less.

I don't care quotes

I can’t fight for something I don’t care about.

I don't care quotes on love

I cared while you pretended and now that you do, I don’t. Not anymore. Not ever.

I don't care quotes new

I can’t care for those who cannot care for me.

Best I don't care quotes

When I say I don’t care, trust me, I care too much.

I don't care quotes on love

I don’t care what I said, but I meant every single word.

I don't care quotes on not caring status

I am so done with everything you do to me. As of this moment, I don’t care.

I don't care quotes images

I have no opinion of you. Therefore you do not exist.

It’s not wrong not to care. It can’t be that bad if it makes you happy.

I always live for myself not for others.

Famous I Don’t Care Quotes:

I don't care quotes by Mitchell Perry

“Stop worrying about someone that isn’t worried about you.”
― Mitchell Perry

I don't care quotes by Lil Peep

“I don’t care what people think of me. I don’t even care what happens to me.”
― Lil Peep

“So you were talking crap about me? Hm. I missed it. I was too busy being fabulous.”
― Dan Pearce

Famous I don't care quotes

“Ah, what is more blessed than to put cares away!”
― C. Valerius Catullus

Famous I don't care quotes

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”
― Antoine de Saint

I don't care quotes

“The man who has ceased to fear has ceased to care.”
― F.H. Bradley

“You can’t look back — you just have to put the past behind you, and find something better in your future.”
― Jodi Picoult

I don't care quotes

“I gave you my whole heart. You gave it back in pieces.”
― Shane Pendley

I don't care quotes images

“I’ve never been cool – and I don’t care.”
― Celine Dion

It’s one big decision to change your personality, that too in initial abilities significantly. But if you feel like getting that attitude of ‘I Don’t Care’ is something that pleases your needs, we insist you give this a try. This simple technique has helped people in their Personal and Professional lives and has been recommended by leading personalities. However, it all depends on whether or not the person is implying this the right way with perfect smoothness, because as we mentioned earlier if people feel like you’ve planned this, you may fail to get excellent results.

We hope you liked our today’s article on I Don’t Care Quotes. Make sure you try this master technique and let us know your experiences in the comments below.

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