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NELK Boys Net Worth (2022)




NELK boys is a famous group of three pranksters, including Jesse Sebastiani, Lucas Gasparini, and Kyle Foregeard. The NELK boys have an entertainment company in Toronto, which was founded in 2010. The group has its YouTube channel named NELK, with a total number of 6.56 million subscribers. They are well-known for filming public pranks at various places such as Apple Store, library, University, Best Buy, and more. However, most of the time, their pranks have severely failed and landed them in jail.

Kyle Foregeard is the founder of the group. Along with Lucas Gasparini and Jesse Sebastiani, he runs the videography production company by recording public pranks and posting them on YouTube. Their all-time popular video includes where they pretended to consume cocaine in a car and pranked the Los Angeles Police Department. The video was a great success and achieved a maximum number of views on YouTube. Most of their videos have gone viral over social media platforms due to their creative ideas and wicked sense of humor. The combined net worth of the trio is around $3 million as of 2022.

Net Worth:$3 Million
Source of Income:Music Band and Selling Merchandise
Band Members:Kyle Forgeard, Jesse William Sebastiani, Lucas Gasparini, Alex, and Jason Pagaduan
Last Updated:2022

Beginning of NELK Boys

Earlier in 2010, the NELK boys group consisted of Niko Martinovic, Kyle Foregeard, and Marko Martinovic. The three of them founded the company NELKfilmz in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. However, later on, the twins were not able to continue and left the partnership. In 2011, Kyle was joined by Jesse Sebastiani and Lucas Gasparini in the company, and together the three of them started creating hilarious videos, which gone viral over the internet. Apart from the trio, NELKfilmz also consists of two more people, including Alex and Jason Pagaduan, responsible for handling the production and camera operating work.

Kyle Foregeard: Kyle Foregeard hails from Mississauga, Canada, who is passionate about living a creative career, which is full of fun activities. He was interested in hanging out with friends and having fun since his college days. Some of his favorite movies include ‘Internet Icon’ and ‘Jack Vale Films.’

Jesse Sebastiani: He was born in June 1993 in Orangeville, Ontario. He is well-known for doing funny pranks in public. His motto is to live a carefree life and have fun in his career. He has done several hilarious pranks for the NELK channel along with his partners.

Lucas Gasparini: The third member of the company, Lucas Gasparini, was born in Greater Sudbury, Canada. He is a fun-loving guy who loves to do crazy stuff, just like one of his partners, Kyle. He has done several pranks on people along with his friends. 

Alex: Apart from the pranksters, NELKfilmz also consists of Alex, responsible for handling the production work. He lives in Toronto and gives the best product ideas to the team. His creative and innovative suggestions are one of the biggest reasons behind the company’s success.

Jason Pagaduan: Jason is responsible for capturing the hilarious pranks and moments of NELK boys and presenting them to the world. He lives in Mississauga and has specialized in operating the camera and director of photography. Jason carries out all the editing and photography work for the videos. He is a good friend of the three pranksters and a fun-loving person just like them.

Net Worth

  • The primary source of income of the NELK Boys is pranking and entertaining people.
  • The combined net worth of the team is around $3 million as of 2022.

The Success of NELK Boys

Over time, the trio has achieved many subscribers and viewers on each of their prank videos. Till now, they have performed several pranks in public places. While most of them have been a success, some of them also landed the partners in trouble. Jesse Sebastiani was found guilty of disorderly conduct for pulling a prank on people and got arrested on 7th November 2018. Later on, he got released from jail, stating that it was only an act of humor. They uploaded the video of the incident on their YouTube channel on 17th January 2019.

In October 2019, one of their team members Jason Pagaduan left the company for an unknown reason. Th trio announced this news to their fans through their Instagram handle.

As of 2022, NELK Boy’s net worth is $3 million.

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