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20+ Pablo Escobar Quotes (Wealthiest Criminal in History)



Who was Pablo Escobar?

Pablo Escobar was a narcoterrorist, i.e., he was known for his violations against the drug trafficking laws and other various crimes. He was a very well known drug dealer in Colombia. He was born on 1 December 1949. Pablo’s full name was Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria. He is called the world’s wealthiest criminal in history. Being the Colombian drug lord, he was also the sole founder and leader of the Medellín cartel. Medellín cartel was a highly popular drug cartel operated throughout America, Canada, Colombia, and Peru.

Stepping into the world of Crime and Childhood

Escobar was born in a big family of his mother, father, and six Siblings. They moved to Medellín in Colombia. He was the third of the other ones. His father was a farmer, and his mother used to teach in elementary school. He had a healthy life until he decided to step into the world of crime. His childhood was just like the other people had, but his contribution to illegal activities began during his teenage.

Some early illegal activities that he had done included allegedly stealing gravestones and then reselling them to the smuggler. Later on, his brother, Roberto Escobar, denied the fact saying that it’s not true, and in fact, they had a relative that had monuments business, and therefore they had those tombstones. His illegal work also included selling highschool fake and duplicate high school diplomas and other activities like stealing, kidnapping, street scams, etc.

After a while, living in a once called the most violent city, Pablo stepped into the world of drug trafficking. He started working with smugglers like Alvaro Prieto. During the mid-1970s, he got involved in the crime organization and became the single head of the crime organization, Medellín Cartel. This organization was solely working on the extensive production of cocaine and its large scale transport and sale.

World’s Wealthiest Criminal

Soon after the Medellin cartel’s inspiration, Pablo started earning quite the other pusher. He dominated and eliminated the other cocaine productions. Escobar was getting wealthy and more prosperous. Not only in just monetary terms, but he held incredible power in trading. He was at Height with his influence that the cartel used to smuggle 15 tons of cocaine in a day. In 1989, a well-renowned magazine of that time named “Forbes” estimated Pablo Escobar to be one of the 227 world’s billionaires with a personal net of US$3 billion.

The Robin Hood – Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar was not only known for his criminal links but also his good deeds. He also played the role of a philanthropist whole of his life. There wasn’t a time when a poor was in need, and Pablo wasn’t there to help them. He was the hero of so many needy. Anyone who urgently needed anything would go to him seeking help. Escobar worked for the goodwill of the people of Colombia and donated a lot to charity and funds. Being a sports fan, he also helped build football fields in many places and was also the creditor for building houses in western Colombia. Escobar worked hard for his Robin Hood image and used to give money for housing projects and other activities. Because of his acts as a philanthropist, he was able to gain a seat in the 1982 congress elections.

Death of Escobar

Due to the rise in criminal activities by Pablo Escobar, the public started suffering. An incident took place in 1989 where the cartel placed a bomb inside an aeroplane in which passengers were flying. More than 100 people were killed in this blast, and the reason behind this was an alleged informant that led Pablo to take this step. Due to the rise in bloodshed, the government and other officials captured him. Escobar, on his side, was ready for the war, saying he’d rather have a grave than to be in a jail in the US. They asked for his surrender at first with some negotiations.

In June 1991, he finally surrendered with the talks. He was given a luxurious cell with a sauna, swimming pool, nightclub, etc. His cell was called La Catedral. But even during his imprisonment, he killed two of its members, leading them to move him to a less luxurious cell. Very soon, in 1992, he escaped the prison, and the run for him started again. A year later, the officials found him in Medellín were during a shootout, Pablo got killed. He died at the age of 44. Soon after his death, the Medellín Cartel fell too.

Pablo Escobar’s life had inspired so many movies and Series. So many people like his biographies and documentaries too. Amid having a criminal experience, Pablo Escobar had given so many inspiring and beautiful quotes with his philanthropist nature.

Here are the Best ‘Pablo Escobar Quotes for you.

Pablo Escobar Quotes on Life:

pablo escobar life quotes

“Life is full of surprises, some good, some not so good.”
― Pablo Escobar

pablo escobar happy life quotes

“I have always considered myself a happy man. I’ve always been happy, I’ve always been optimistic, I’ve always had faith in life because I think the most difficult times always bring something. It brings experience, and it’s the greatest thing to have in life.”
― Pablo Escobar

pablo escobar family quotes

“I can replace things, but I could never replace my wife and kids.”
― Pablo Escobar

pablo escobar quotes on bad time

“Only those who went hungry with me and stood by me when I went through a bad time at some point in life will eat at my table.”
― Pablo Escobar

pablo escobar truth quotes

“Lies are necessary when the truth is very difficult to believe.”
― Pablo Escobar

pablo escobar quotes on peace

“The purpose of war is peace.”
― Pablo Escobar

“The bad guys need to get lucky every time. The good guys just need to get lucky once.”
― Pablo Escobar

“Just like that, and honest man blinked.”
― Pablo Escobar

pablo escobar quotes on fear

“Nothing gives a fearful man more courage than another’s fear”
― Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar Inspirational and Real World quotes:

pablo escobar quotes on bad time

“There are two hundred million idiots, manipulated by a million intelligent men.”
― Pablo Escobar

pablo escobar inspirational quotes

“All empires are created of blood and fire.”
― Pablo Escobar

king quotes

“There can only be one king.”
― Pablo Escobar

pablo escobar quotes on business

“In modern business, it is not the crook who is to be feared most, it is the honest man who doesn’t know what he is doing.”
― Pablo Escobar

pablo escobar money quotes

“Dirty money is in all economic sectors of the country.”
― Pablo Escobar

“I’m a decent man who exports flowers.”
― Pablo Escobar

pablo escobar illegal life quotes

“I’m sometimes accused of drug trafficking. It’s an activity that for the time being, historically, shall we say has been declared illegal. it’s illegal at the moment, but in the long run and in the future, we’re going to show that it will head toward legalization.”
― Pablo Escobar

pablo escobar quotes on everyone

“Everyone has a price, the important thing is to find out what it is.”
― Pablo Escobar

“Geniuses are always branded as crazy.”
― Pablo Escobar

pablo escobar quotes on god

“Sometimes I feel like God…when I order someone killed-they die the same day.”
― Pablo Escobar

pablo escobar living life quotes

“I prefer to be in the grave in Colombia than in a jail cell in the United States.”
― Pablo Escobar

pablo escobar new quotes

“The men of always aren’t interested in the children of never.”
― Pablo Escobar

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