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Sissy Sheridan Net Worth (2022)



Sissy Sheridan net worth


Sissy Sheridan is a popular Television actress, dancer, singer, and social media figure. Sissy started her career at the age of six years. She is the most talented budding star in Hollywood. Her brilliant acting skills have given her multiple opportunities, one after another. 

Currently, she is acquiring a lot of recognition at a very young age. Undoubtedly, she will be counted among the biggest stars of Hollywood soon. She is popularly known for her role in Asia in the Netflix series ‘Maniac,’ followed by the appearances in web series ‘Chicken Girls‘ and DIY. Her fabulous performance on the Hollywood screen has earned her an estimated net worth of around $2 million as of 2022.

Net Worth:$2 Million
Birth Date:June 15, 2004
Birthplace:Washington, DC, United States
Last Updated:2022

Education and Family

Sissy Sheridan was born on 15th June 2004 in an upper-middle-class family. Her mother, Mrs. Sheridan, is a housewife, while her father, Mr. Sheridan, works as a businessman. She was raised with her elder brother Julian Sheridan in Washington DC, United States. Soon after her birth, Sissy, along with her family, moved to Los Angeles, California. The 16 years old actress has been passionate about acting and dancing since childhood. At the age of six, she started attending musical theatre camp when she discovered her love for acting. 

She completed her education at Laurel Springs School, followed the Langley high school. Before entering Hollywood, Sissy used to take a professional class for various dance forms such as Jazz, and Tap, and Ballet. She has also participated in her local community theatre. Besides this, she is also a dog lover and owns three pets. 

Since childhood, Sissy has lived a luxurious life. Her parents have given her a lot of care. She has been provided with full support for whatever she requires to pursue, due to which she has been able to achieve a lot of admiration at such a young age. Her family support has played a vital role in her progress.

Personal Life

Currently, Sissy is dating a fellow social media star, Miles Despair. The couple frequently post pictures with each other on their social media handles. Even their fans adore the couple while posting lovely comments on their pictures.


Acting: Sissy started her acting career with television shows. She got her biggest recognition through Asia’s role in the Netflix series named ‘Maniac.’ People admired her role in the series, and it eventually opened gates to various opportunities. Although, she has also hosted the Nickelodeon web series called ‘DIY with me’ and several other web series before her brilliant work in the Netflix series. 

In addition to the web series, she has also presented her unique talent in the regional theatres. Her recent highly appreciated work includes her character of ‘Angie’ in web series called ‘Chicken girls.’ Her other appreciated roles include the character of Rebeca J. Rise in the TV show named ‘For my man’ in 2018. 

She has also appeared in one episode of the series named ‘Copycat Killers.’ In addition to the web series, Sissy has also done some admirable work in movies and her debut film titled ‘Paper Airplanes’ in 2016. A lot of people appreciated her character, Sam. Moreover, she has worked in other movies such as ‘Mozart in the Jungle’ and ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.’ 

Dancing and Singing: Before entering Hollywood, Sissy has taken professional dance classes since an early age. She is trained jazz, tap, and ballet dancer. She did her first dance performance at the New York theatre in 2017. Sissy has been multitalented since childhood. 

During her shoot for the series ‘Chicken girls,’ Sissy got motivated by other kids to post music videos and original songs online. She recorded her first cover and posted it on YouTube. Sissy was overwhelmed by the response. The music video received more than 146,000 views by December 2019. This appraisal by people encouraged her to record her first original song named ‘Who me.’ The song ‘Who Me‘ was uploaded on YouTube in February 2020. Since then, the video has received over 237K views. 

Social Media: Sissy Sheridan is one of the most popular figures on social media. She has a huge fan following on YouTube and TikTok, where she regularly posts music and videos. She has more than 3.2 million fans and 217+ million likes on her videos. In addition to this, her Instagram page has 1 million followers. She posts fabulous pictures of herself and with her family and friends. Her fans adore her pictures and flood her Instagram with like and lovely comments.

Net Worth

The young actress has received a huge net worth at the age of 16. She received most of her wealth acting, dancing, and through her social media. Her income from each episode of Netflix stands at $3000 and $10,000. She has a net worth of around $2 million as of 2021.

Interesting Facts about Sissy Sheridan

  • She established her career at the age of six: Sissy had deep inclinations towards acting since a very young age. When she was six, her mother enrolled her in a musical theatre where she realized her love for acting. She auditioned for various roles and got her first recognizable role in the Netflix series Maniac.’ 
  • Sissy appeared in theatre during 2017: During 2017’s off-Broadway production of Annie Warbucks, she made her first theatre appearance. Sheridan appeared in Olney Theatre Center production as an actor’s equity association cast. 
  • She is inclined towards singing: In addition to being a great dancer and actor, Sissy has also released some music videos on her YouTube channel, which received a lot of appreciation from her fans. 
  • She is a famous social media figure: She has 1.2 million followers on her Instagram handle. Sissy posts pictures of herself and her family, which is admired by her fans a lot.

As of 2022, Sissy Sheridan’s net worth is $2 million.

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