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Sue Aikens Net Worth (2021)

Sue Aikens net worth

Sue Aikens, 57, is the sole occupant of the Kavik River camp in Northern Alaska, where she was born on July 1, 1963. The base is situated 197 miles north of the Arctic Pole, immediately adjacent to the Kavik River. “If it hurts, don’t worry about it,” she says. She is best known for her documentary series “Life Below Zero,” which aired on National Geographic. The show follows many people who live in remote areas of Alaska and depend on hunting for a living.

Net Worth:$1.5 Million
Source of Income :Television shows, Hunting
Place of Birth:Mount Prospect, Illinois, United States
Birth Date:July 1, 1963
Marital Status:Divorced
Occupation:Reality TV actor
Spouse/Partner:3 (Ex)
Last Updated:2021

The net worth of Sue Aikens is estimated to be around $1.5 million. The primary source of income is her profession as a television personality and hunting.


She was born in the United States on July 1, 1963, in Mount Prospect, Illinois. She is 57 years old and is of Caucasian descent, and holds American citizenship.

She grew up in the Chicago suburbs until 12 years old, when her parents divorced. Her mother took her to a family friend in Fairbanks, Alaska, after the divorce. And because her mother could not bear the bone-chilling cold any longer, she left Alaska Sue learned to use firearms and ammunition for hunting at a young age, while most girls play with dolls. Surprisingly, the girl from the city managed to adapt to her new demanding lifestyle and Alaska’s freezing temperatures.


Although Sue Aikens was busy living an extraordinary life, she was confronted with an opportunity. Sarah Palin’s Alaska presented her with her first reality show appearance in 2010. She served as a Camp Manager in a remote Alaskan location. The chances kept coming. Sue appeared in four episodes of Flying Wild Alaska in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, she landed her breakout role in “Life Below Zero,” and the rest, as they claim, is history. Sue Aikens was invited to appear on Joe Rogan’s popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, due to her growing popularity. Sue has starred in sixteen seasons of “Life Below Zero,” with over 134 episodes under her belt as of 2021. As of 2021, the net worth of Sue Aikens is estimated to be around $1.5 million. The primary source of income is her profession as a television personality and hunting.

Net Worth and Salary

Sue Aikens receives an outstanding paycheck as the National Geographic show Life Below Zero’s main cast. Her show’s annual salary is projected to be $200,000 a year. From June to September, she also runs Kaviv River Camp. She charges $350 a day for food and lodging that she gives to her clients. She has got the only gas station on the North Slope’s east side.

Personal Life

Sue effectively divides her professional and personal lives, but little is known about her personal life, even though she has worked in the media for eight years. She has been married three times and is the mother of two daughters and a son, but none live with her.

In 2016, she posted a picture of her son at his wedding on her official Twitter account. Furthermore, it is understood that she has grandchildren, but other specifics are yet to be disclosed to the public. According to her Facebook profile, she is reportedly in a relationship with Michael G. Heinrich.

Sue Aikens is the mother of a grown daughter and a son, both in their thirties. Her two children are married and live in the lower United States, far away from her. They give her visits to Alaska regularly. Her son was the younger of the two married in September 2016, and she was there to witness the wedding.

Social Media Presence

Sue Aikens uses her official Twitter account to promote her projects and share various other material and her participation in the entertainment industry as one of the main casts in highly successful reality TV shows. She is also active on her personal Facebook profile, which has over 50,000 followers.

Challenges Faced by Sue Aikens

The lady has been in various incidents that have resulted in several injuries. After a surprise attack by a grizzly bear, she barely made it out alive. Sue had no idea the animal was going to attack her. Aikens’s hips were ripped out of their sockets, and she suffered a torn muscle and a head injury.

Sue was reportedly injured in a TV stunt she was asked to do for Nat Geo’s show “Life Below Zero,” in addition to this frightening experience. She lodged a lawsuit against the show’s creators.

According to the complaint filing, Aikens was riding a snow machine when it hit ice heave. She said she was gravely wounded, but instead of saving her, the rescue plane was directed to land at the far end of the runway for the sake of entertainment and thrill.

Famous Quotes by Sue Aikens

“The decision to be this remote, it’s just something in your personality. It clicks, or it does not. Many Alaskans say it either gets in your blood or does not. If it does, no matter where you go back home to, it’ll always be calling you.”― Sue Aikens

“You cannot be too careful. The minute you let your guard down – bam! You’re dead out here.”― Sue Aikens

“Mother Nature’s going to tell me where I have to get things. I know what I need. I know I need to get it from her. She is a fickle little thing that likes to run and hide. You never go out unprepared.”― Sue Aikens

“You have got to be an active participant in your own life. Trust me; you are going to be an active participant in your death.”― Sue Aikens


Sue Aikens exemplifies what it means to be courageous and hardworking. Born Susan Ruth Aikens, Sue Aikens is an American television personality and hunter.

It is impressive that a nomadic hunter is rated at the same level as reality TV stars. Sue is the richest Life Below Zero star, with a net worth of over $1.5 million, thanks in part to her Kavik River Camp’s popularity. She is a living example of what a person can accomplish through hard work, determination, and passion. Her fearlessness has taken her this far and will indeed support her in the future.

As of 2021, Israel Sue Aiken’s net worth is $1.5 million.

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