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Yung Gravy Net Worth (2021)


Matthew Raymond Hauri, also known as Yung Gravy, is an American rapper, singer, song producer, writer, and entrepreneur. Starting from ‘Karen’ as his debut song in 2016, Yung Gravy has amassed over 6 million monthly listeners.

Net Worth:$2 Million
Born:March 19, 1996 (24 years old)
Profession:Rapper, Songwriter, Singer
Birth Sign:Pisces
Country:Rochester, Minnesota
Last Updated:2021

This musician’s current net worth is estimated to be around 2 million USD. A fair amount of money comes to him from his mixtapes and the sale of his tickets for concerts. He also earns a lot from the sale of his merchandise.

Career and Early Life

Matthew was born and spent most of his life in Rochester, Minnesota. At the age of 16, his father sadly passed away. After which he later moved to Wisconsin

Since his childhood, he aspired to be a rapper. His career began after he released his first single ‘Karen.’ His debut single was loved by thousands and gained a lot of recognition. He has a mix of old-school rap and the modern trap in his songs. The unique pinup arts he uses for his albums often help him stand out from anyone in the rapping scene.

Yung Gravy has released a handful of songs after his first single release. One of the major hits: ‘Yung is Mr. clean‘ which gathered about 11 million ‘spins’ on SoundCloud. New into his career, he singlehandedly recorded his songs, but he now managed by Republic Records Label after gaining popularity. He has worked with many famous rappers such as D.R.A.M.


The musical style he produces is a blend of modern trap music with themes inspired by the soul and oldies and funk movements of the 50s-80s.

His style by many has been described as humorous, satirical, and many would say groovy. He over the years has been inspired many musicians from not only the rap industry but many diverse genres such as OutKast and Three 6 Mafia from hip hop and soul acts from Smokey Robinson to The Blackbyrds.

Gravy’s exclusive flow and funny, humorous lyrics have occasionally been deemed a meme rapper. – “I was making music, and it had always been stupid from the beginning,” Gravy said. – “I noticed people would start copying me a lot at one point, these meme rappers started using all these M*LF references, even stealing samples that I’d already used, and I noticed the ‘meme rapper’ term coming up a lot more on my social media after that.”

Personal Information

Yung stands at the height of 6 feet 3 inches and weighs about 71 kilograms. He fits right in with his short blonde hair and brown eyes to match the desired rapper look.

His family members are:
Father: Dr. Peter J. Hauri, Ph.D.
Mother: Cindy Hauri
Siblings: Brother David Courard-Hauri, and sisters Heidi Hauri-Gill and Katrin Kasper

He got involved in the false rumor that stated his death in April 2018. He has worked with big names in the industry, such as Jason Rich, Englewood. Yung also does music production apart from getting involved in rap.


Through hard work and being lyrically gifted, Matthew has engrossed over 2 million dollars in net worth, a huge achievement regarding his relative new appearance in the song industry.

He is a free man; he shows no signs of stopping or slowing down. Yung teamed up with frequent collaborator bbno$ for a 2020 collaborative project introduced by the track ‘shinin on my ex,’ which OnesToWatch predicted as ‘a surefire Tik Tok hit.’ Lyrical Lemonade pegged as “another absolute slapper” and a true classic.’ Their chemistry exploded on the single ‘iunno.’ Over off-kilter horns and a subtle beat, they lock into a vibrant verbal volley before the hashtaggable hook.

As of 2021, Yung Gravy’s net worth is $2 million.

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