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Cenk Uygur


Cenk Kadir Uygur, also known as Cenk Uygur, is a Turkish-American internet personality. He is well-known for his work in various fields such as journalism, media hosting, political commentator, along with being an exceptional author and attorney. He gained popularity through a well-known internet talk radio show and TV show named ‘The Young Turks.’ In addition, Cenk has made several appearances on TV shows as a prominent host. Before stepping into the commentary world, Cenk has worked as an associate attorney in Washington and New York. His current net worth accounts at $10 million as of 2022.

Net Worth:$10 Million
Profession:Television producer, Screenwriter,Internet Personality, Political Activist
Nationality:Turkish, American
Education:Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Columbia Law School
Source of Wealth:YouTube
Birth Place:Istanbul, Turkey
Marital Status:Married (Wendy Lang)
Last Updated:2022

Early Life

Cenk Uygur was born on 21st March 1970 in Istanbul, Turkey. He moved to the United States with his family at the age of Eight. Cenk spent the rest of his childhood in East Brunswick, New Jersey. In 1992, he pursued a degree in management from the University of Pennsylvania, followed by studying law from Columbia College. While studying at Pennsylvania University, he represented the Turkish students Association.

While being in school, Cenk has written several articles, including denying the Armenian Genocide and disparaging comments on women. Although he was born in a secular Muslim family, he became more religious during college before becoming agnostic. However, Cenk is still identified as a Muslim.


After studying law at Columbia college, Cenk started working as an associate attorney at Drinker Biddle & Reath and Hayes & Leibman in Washington and New York City. Later on, he brought time on a local access channel and established his broadcasting career by doing regular political commentary on his show ‘The Young Turks.’ Previously, he hosted several talk shows, including the weekend radio show on WWRC in Washington and WRKO in Boston, Massachusetts.

After that, he began working on the WAMI-TV news show, The Times in Miami, Florida, where he wrote his script, produced, and hosted the show. Followed by this, he also hosted his show ‘The Young Turks on Sirius Satellite Radio.’ Being an exceptional author, Cenk has also written weekly blogs on The Huffington Post and entries regarding the 2003 Iraq war.

Founder of the Young Turks: Cenk Uygur is widely famous for founding and launching his talk show ‘The Young Turks.’ During the year 2002, he started giving liberal-leaning political and entertainment dose to his audience. His show was launched on Sirius Satellite Radio and the Air America radio network during 2006 and 2008. With the help of populist left branding and programming strategy, Uygur and his co-host Ana Kasparian made TYT a popular and successful online organization globally.

During the year 2015, Cenk started uploading the Young Turk’s videos on YouTube. Through his remarkable efforts, he gradually gained a maximum number of subscribers on his YouTube channel. As a result, Cenk claims the Young Turks to be one of the best online shows in the world. It receives 7.5 billion views on YouTube and has been able to achieve 5.17 million subscribers. As the show gained more popularity, Cenk expanded the show to other channels and shows such as Pop Trigger on 5th July 2007.

The Young Turk streamed on various platforms and achieved over 7.5 billion views on each video and above 5.17 million subscribers. The talk shows of the Young Turk streamed on various platforms, including YouTube, YouTube TV, local TV channels throughout the US. In addition to this, people can also access the videos as a podcast. On 11th September, at 7:00 pm, Cenk announced the weeknight TV edition of the show. However, on 15th August 2013, the show on current TV came to an end. Later on, the Young Turk came with its TB format 24-hour channel on YouTube TV. The show included both lives as well as prerecorded programming.

Political Work

Along with hosting TV shows, Cenk Uygur is also popularly known for his political commentary. Over the year, Cenk has been against corporate donation in the political system. He has strongly opposed the system and even did commentary to aware people and demand for its removal. He further stated that ‘Campaign finance reform is the only one issue in the US’.

On 19th October 2011, Cenk received all the support from the Supreme court to launch a political action committee called Wolf-PAC in New York City. This project aims at persuading the state legislators to pass resolutions for a convention of the states under Article V of the US constitution. During 2017, their efforts came to attention, and five states passed the resolution using identical languages for the convention calls.

Personal Life

Cenk Uygur married Wendy Lang, who is a marriage as well as a family therapist. They also have two children. In addition to this, Cenk is the uncle of Hasan Piker, a political commentator and a Twitch streamer. He is one of the most-watched Twitch streamers in the world.

Net Worth and Awards

Cenk Uygur receives most of his wealth from his profession of being a successful activist. His estimated net worth stands at $10 million as of 2022. In addition to this, he has received several awards.

  • Cenk is a 6-time nominee for the streamy award as an audience choice best show of the year.
  • He has been a 1-time winner of the streamy award for the best news and culture series. 
  • He has also been a 1-time nominee and 2-times winner of the Webby awards for video-best web personality/host and video-news& politics: series. 

Famous Quotes by Cenk Uygur

“Success is about persistence. You can only afford to be persistent in something you deeply enjoy.”― Cenk Uygur

“Our number one plan is to get money out of politics, to drain the swamp, but not in the way that Trump said. He stacked his cabinet full of Goldman Sachs guys.”― Cenk Uygur

“When you lose power, then suddenly, the press are lions. When you have power, the press is lambs.”― Cenk Uygur

“Be true to your audience, or you will lose money.”― Cenk Uygur

“The devil I know is the establishment, and I’m gonna beat that devil.”― Cenk Uygur

“The reason people like the Young Turks is because we say things you’re not allowed to say in Washington that is true.”― Cenk Uygur

“I’m the poorest famous person in the country.”― Cenk Uygur

As of 2022, Cenk Uygur’s net worth is $10 million.

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