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Chief Keef Net Worth (2022)



Chief Keef Net Worth


Chief Keef is an influential rapper who hails from Chicago. He has amassed a net worth of $1 million as of 2022. Credited by many for pioneering mumble rap and drill music, Sosa’s impact on the Hip-Hop world cannot be denied. The artist, formerly known as “Sosa” (after a character from Scarface), has had his fair share of legal and financial issues throughout his career, though.

Net Worth:$41 Million
Profession:Rapper and Song Producer
Birth Date:August 15, 1995
Birthplace:Chicago, Illinois, United States
Last Updated:2022

Early Life and Biography

He was born on August 15, 1995, in Chicago, Illinois, to Alfonzo Cazart and Lolita Carter. His grandmother raised him since his mother was only 16 when he was born. There isn’t any information about the father; he got his name from a deceased uncle of hers. He began rapping at an early age using her mother’s karaoke machine to record music.

He went to Dulles Elementary School and later joined Banner High School before dropping out at age 15 with no diploma or degree (reason unknown for this decision but most likely due to economic reasons as many students do it these days according to surveys conducted globally). After quitting school, he earned recognition in the community with mixtapes titled “The Glory Road & Band,” which included songs such as “Carbonated” – that had lyrics such as “I use your momma like she my own.”

In 2011 after firing shots from a Pontiac Grand Prix car gun shooting people near him while driving recklessly through Chicago streets (he wasn’t apprehended until two months later), Chief Keef was arrested multiple times, including assault charges against law enforcers who were following him around hoping they could get more than just one charge filed against him.


Early in life, Chef Keef rapped to create music and borrowed blank tapes from friends and neighbors. He gained popularity primarily through the music videos he posted on YouTube. In the early years, he was more popular among high school students than other demographics. In 2011, at the age of 17, he released “The Glory Road” and ‘Bang’ followed by ‘Back From The Dead’ in 2012 by Glory Boyz Records LLC. In December 2012, “Finally Rich,” an album collaborating with Kanye West, was released. It peaked at 29th on Billboard 200 chart featuring singles such as ‘I Love Sosa’ and ‘Hate Being Sober.’

At this time, Keef also signed a deal to Gucci Mane’s 1017 R records label, which has been later renewed due to big Gucci Зоѕа releases (2014), Nobody (2014) Almighty DР albums (2015). His collaborative mixtapes include Big Gucсkii Soda ft Wiz Khalifa (2016), Mixtape Madness Vol 1-2(2017) All We Need Is Qреr$ feat Lil Pump & Offset. In 2016, Keef announced his thoughts on retiring from music. Fortunately, he returned to the music industry in 2017.

Net Worth

  • His estimated net worth stands at 41 million as of 2022.
  • Chief Keef has earned his fortune through his professional career as a rapper. 

As of 2022, Chief Keef’s net worth is $41 million.

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