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Eric Weinstein Net Worth (2021)

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Eric Weinstein is a famous United States of America activist who is most renowned for his activist writer. He is a Vine star who has a net worth of $57 Million. Eric Ross was born in Baltimore on 29 September 1993. Vine video star is known as DamnitI am Gambit, who frequently used the hashtag” neckroll” for several of his videos. He deleted his Vine account in mid-2015 but continues to post videos on his Instagram.

Net Worth:$57 Million
Profession:Vine Star
Birth Sign:Libra
Birth Date:September 29, 1993
Birthplace:Baltimore, MD
Source of income :Influencer
Last Updated:2021


Eric Ross Weinstein, who was born on 26 October 1965, is a financial manager and columnist from the United States. He has been the managing director of Thiele Capital since 2015. Weinstein proposed a unified theory of physics in 2013, despite not being an academic physicist. To refer to an informal community of pundits and public intellectuals, he coined the word Intellectual Dark Web.

Net Worth: How much does Eric Weinstein have?

This year (2021):$100K - $5 Million
2020:$50K - $2 Million
Income Stream:Influencer


Weinstein obtained his PhD in mathematical physics from Harvard University in 1992, working under the direction of Raoul Bott. Weinstein demonstrated in his dissertation, Extension of Self-Dual Yang-Mills Equations Through the Eighth Dimension, that the self-dual Yang-Mills equations were not unique to dimension four and allowed for higher-dimensional generalizations.


Weinstein introduced The Portal, a podcast, in June 2019. The title alludes to fictional occurrences such as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’s rabbit hole, The PhantomTollbooth’s, and Harry Potter’s Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, in which a “humdrum life in an ordinary universe” is interrupted by passing through the mystical portal. Since few physicists attended the lecture due to mistakes in the announcement, Weinstein gave it again later that month. There were no preprints, articles, or equations written. The idea was met with scepticism by the majority of physicists. According to Oxford’s Joseph Conlon, any of the predicted particles may have already been found in current accelerators, the Massive Hadron Collider, for example. In a blog post for Scientific American, science writer Jennifer Ouellette criticized the colloquium, suggesting that experts could not adequately test Weinstein’s ideas because there was no published article.”I agree that both mathematicians and physicists should take Eric’s ideas very seriously,” said mathematician Edward Frenkel, “Regardless of their physical appearance, implications, I believe Eric’s observations would be useful to mathematicians because he points to certain systems that have not been studied previously, as far as I am aware”.

Intellectual Dark Web

After his pal, Bret Weinstein, was fired from The Evergreen State College due to a campus scandal, Weinstein said he coined the word “Intellectual Dark Web” A variety of scholars and podcast hosts are referred to as “podcasters.”


In June 2019, Weinstein launched The Portal, a podcast. The title alludes to fictional incidents like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’s rabbit hole, The Phantom Tollbooth’s tollbooth, and Harry Potter’s Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, in which a “humdrum existence in an ordinary universe” is disturbed by passing through”some sort of magical porta.”

Eric Ross Weinstein has amassed over 1 million dollars by managing many multinational companies and being a commentator, a childhood dream of his.

Famous Quotes by Eric Weinstein

“The fact that they are raising cap-ex shows that they expect business is strong enough to support the investment.”― Eric Weinstein

“People are less likely to travel to Hong Kong but does that mean business is slow because of that? No, it’s because the economy hasn’t picked up.”― Eric Weinstein

“Guidance was disappointing. Inventories and chipset shortages are still issues.”― Eric Weinstein

“The worst of the news is behind us and if people think the sector will bounce back, investors will buy stocks ahead of that”― Eric Weinstein


Eric Weinstein, who was born on 19 September 1944, is a Northern Irish former football player who competed as an inside forward or midfielder and was one appearance for the Northern Ireland national club.

Ross received his first and only cap for Northern Ireland on 10 September 1968 in a pleasant match against Israel. The left match, which was played in Tel Aviv, completed as a 3–2 victory and success for Northern Ireland.

Ross was born in Belfast. After his football withdrawal, he shifted to Canada in the 1970s, where he operated as an estate manager in the Vancouver area.

As of 2021, Eric Weinstein’s net worth is $57 million.

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