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Hikaru Nakamura Net Worth (2022)



Hikaru Nakamura net worth


Hikaru Nakamura is a well-known five-time US chess champion who hails from Osaka, Japan. At the age of 13, Hikaru received the prestigious Laura Aspis Prize. In addition to this, he has also bagged two silver medals and a 1 gold medal. The champion has also written a book named ‘One minute to Mate.’ He is the first-ever person to become the recipient of the grandmaster title at the tender age of 13. The 34 years old chess prodigy has amassed a net worth of $50 million as of 2022.

Net Worth:$50 Million
Profession:American chess player
Birth Date:December 9, 1987
Birthplace:Hirakata, Osaka, Japan
Height:5 ft 5 inches
Weight:75 kg
Last Updated:2022

Early Life

Hikaru Nakamura was born on 9th December 1987 in Hirakata, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. He was raised along with one sibling named Asuka Nakamura by his father, Shuichi Nakamura, a former school teacher. His mother, Carolyn Merrow Nakamura, worked as a classically trained musician. He moved to the United States of America along with his family at the age of two. However, in 1990, his parents divorced and went separate ways when Hikaru was just three years old.

Hikaru had a deep interest in playing chess since a young age. He started taking professional classes for chess from the age of seven. His step-father and Sri-Lankan coach, Sunil Weeramantry, a FIDE Master and Chess author, trained him in playing chess. Later on, he became the youngest chess master at the age of ten years. Hikaru is the three-time winner of the United States Chess Champion.

In addition to this, he bagged the fourth rank worldwide by FIDE in the year 2013. In recent years, he has been ranked second, followed by eighteenth in the year 2021. Moreover, he has been a representative of the United States 5 times in Chess Olympiads, where he grabbed two silver medals and 1 gold medal. Apart from this, there isn’t much information available regarding Hikaru’s education.


Hikaru Nakamura started building his career at the age of seven. He took professional training from his stepfather and coach, Sunil Weeramantry. Nakamura had deep inclinations towards playing chess since a young age, making him master the game relatively soon. He got a breakthrough in his professional career during 2004 when he bagged a fourth place in the ‘B’ group of the Corus tournament at the Wijk Aan Zee. During the same year, Hikaru qualified for the FIDE World Chess Championship. On 20th June 2005, He was chosen as the 19th Frank Stamford Chess Fellow, where he received $32,000 for his chess education and competition.

In 2005’s US chess championship, Hikaru scored seven points over nine rounds to tie grandmaster Alex Stripunsky. Later in May 2009, he won the US chess championship, followed by the Donostia-San championship in July and the 960 World Chess Championship in Germany in August during the same year. During the following year, he started playing for the United States at the World Team Chess Championship in Bursa, wherein he received a gold medal and grabbed a position of the top-ten player.

From 2011 onwards, Hikaru began his training with the former world champion Garry Kasparov at the Tala Steel Group A Victory. He had his first training session in New York in January. However, the training ended in December 2011. The year 2012 proved to be a good year for him as he achieved a lot of victory through his third US Championship. He achieved the second position in the Reggio Emilia Tournament and won the US Championship in May. In addition to this, he has also played at the Taj Memorial in Moscow. He had a fantastic journey since 2017, where he won the Gibraltar Chess Festival, which came as a big success.

Net Worth and Achievements

  • Hikaru Nakamura has won a number of championships in his career and emerged as the youngest chess master in the world.
  • He earns his overall wealth through his professional career as a chess champion.
  • His estimated net worth stands at $50 million as of 2022.

Famous Quotes by Hikaru Nakamura

“The single most important thing in life is to believe in yourself regardless of what everyone else says.”― Hikaru Nakamura

“Critical thinking is the most important factor with chess. As it is in life, you need to think before you make decisions.”― Hikaru Nakamura

“Life is very much about making the best decisions you can. So I think chess is very valuable.”― Hikaru Nakamura

“I’ve had to grow up pretty fast, which is not a good thing.”― Hikaru Nakamura

“There is a perspective out there that I’m very much all about myself… I just live with it.”― Hikaru Nakamura

“No, I’ve never had a job other than being a chess player.”― Hikaru Nakamura

As of 2022, Hikaru Nakamura’s net worth is $50 million.

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