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30+ Best Quotes about Growing Up on Life and Success



Life’s that one big race that keeps getting harder. There are moments when you’re a little low on your actions, but so are situations, stuck, so stuck that the only way out is to keep moving forward. The more you get through, the greater you become. That’s how life can be defined, all about experiences. Now to live your life beautifully, getting mature by time is extremely crucial. The problem is that most of us believe maturity is limited to be obtained by a person’s life experiences. Well, let me rephrase this, maturity is not about physically performing a task and then learning the lesson. There are other ways to become mature, so exceptions like positively grown children and immature adults exist in the real world. There are numerous of these secretive methods, and we’ll discuss one of them today in this article. Make sure you read it thoroughly!


What is Maturity and How to get it?

In simpler words, ‘Maturity refers to a state of mind when one tends to think wisely and make sure every decision they take, satisfies their principles.’ Even though we get to learn uncountable lessons from life’s experiences, but still, maturity can never be limited to them. For instance, keep yourself in the shoes of a newly graduated student looking for a job. What do you think about why are internships recommended? Solely for the sake of gaining experiences of the desk? No. For sure, you learn the way system works and how projects are made successful in a workspace while working with numerous other people. You also get to spend time with your boss and new colleagues, some of which are very experienced. 

I’m sure you must be thinking, isn’t that experience I’m talking about? Well, if you look under the surface, you might find that as an intern, you were able to get a mentor, a guide, from whom you learned how he/she started the whole firm, which is a big thing. Life’s biggest lessons aren’t taught in classrooms. They are found in deep conversations with the right people. Learning their work ethics, morals, principles, and becoming adaptive towards them. It’s like if Steve Jobs taught you how he started Apple. What did it cost you? A lifetime of experiences, or just a few hours to get the nectar of the whole idea? For sure, you can’t learn 40-50 years of someone’s hard work in only a few hours, but yes, you can learn something from that. If not everything, maybe just a little, which bears the power to shake your world.

Who are the people that implemented these?-

From The Apple CEO Steve Jobs to Science Geniuses like Nikola Tesla. From literature legends such as William Wordsworth to well-known billionaires like Elon Musk. These successful personalities believe in such techniques, which are resultant to the successes everybody discusses. But these are just names if you don’t try them. Get yourself a mentor who holds knowledge and wisdom about what they speak. Everybody needs guidance and clearance about life’s path. Learning under somebody’s umbrella who’s already been where you are and will come in the future is the best to go. However, beware of the fake-gurus out there who only are greedy for your money and never give any benefits. Finding the right guidance is a blessing, and we wish you the same too.

32 Quotes about Growing Up

Quotes about Growing Up

“Growing up is hard, love. Otherwise everyone would do it.”
― Kim Harrison

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”
― C.S. Lewis

“Growing up is losing some illusions, in order to acquire others.”
― Virginia Woolf

Quotes about Growing Up

“Maturity is when your world opens up and you realize that you are not the center of it.”
― M.J. Croan

Quotes about Growing old

“I was so good at being a kid, and so terrible at being whatever I was now.”
– John Green

Quotes about Growing

“Everyone thinks you make mistakes when you’re young. But I don’t think we make any fewer when we’re grown up”
― Jodi Picoult

Best Quotes about Growing Up

“Don’t try to make me grow up before my time…”
― Louisa May Alcott

Growing up quotes

“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.”
– Nina Dobrev

Growing up quotes

“You grow up the day you have your first real laugh – at yourself.”
– Ethel Barrymore

“Sometimes you have to grow up before you appreciate how you grew up.”
– Daniel Black

Quotes about Growing Up

“You must pay the penalty of growing-up. You must leave fairyland behind you.”
– L.M. Montgomery

“Maturity is a high price to pay for growing up.”
– Tom Stoppard

Best growing up quotes

“I don’t need anyone else to distract me from myself anymore, like I always thought I would.”
― Charlotte Eriksson

Growing Up quotes on children

“Don’t try to make children grow up to be like you, or they may do it.”
― Russell Baker

15th of 32 Quotes about Growing Up

Awesome Quotes about Growing Up

“Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.”
― Chili Davis

Growing Up quotes on life

“Life has a funny way of turning you into the one thing you don’t want to be.”
― Jonathan Levine

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.”
– Mark Twain

Quotes about Growing Up

“Part of growing up is just taking what you learn from that and moving on and not taking it to heart.”
― Beverley Mitchell

Best Quotes about Growing Up

“Growing up is such a barbarous business, full of inconvenience and pimples. ”
― J.M. Barrie

Quotes about Growing Up

“We grow neither better nor worse as we get old, but more like ourselves.”
― May Lamberton Becker

“Everything will change. The only question is growing up or decaying.”
― Nikki Giovanni

Growing Up quotes on life

“Growth is the only evidence of life.”
― John Henry Newman

Quotes about Growing Up

“All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.”
― Ellen Glasgow

“All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.It was a sign of growing up, when the dark made no more difference to you than the day.”
― Roddy Doyle

25th of 32 Quotes about Growing Up

Quotes about Growing Up

“I put a dollar in one of those change machines. Nothing changed.”
― George Carlin

“Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations.”
― Faith Baldwin

“Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.”
― Phyllis Diller

New Quotes about Growing Up

“Growing up, I have discovered over time, is rather like housework, never finished.”
– Lois McMaster Bujold

Best Quotes about Growing Up

“This is growing up, having to stomp out love, this is how people turn terrible.”
― Michelle Tea

Quotes about Changing

“When you are through changing, you are through.”
– Bruce Barton

New Quotes about Growing Up

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
― E. E. Cummings

“You know your children are growing up when they stop asking you where they came from and refuse to tell you where they’re going.”
― P.J. O’Rourke

It is for sure that life-experiences are good sources of maturity. Still, just as we mentioned above, they are one of the many ways to become mature, that too harder. If you try the simple techniques we mentioned in today’s article, you will gain much more clarity on maturity. Furthermore, being mature stands you out of the rat-race because you know what everybody’s chasing is and wrong. You gain the ability to make your way and, lastly, become your best version.

We hope you liked our today’s article on Quotes about Growing Up. Make sure you try the technique we mentioned above and let us know who your mentors are in the comments below.

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