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How To Be More Productive: 20 Best Tips



When it comes to ‘Productivity,’ we all picture that one guy from the corner office who’s well appreciated to get things done as if he was born to do them. Be it in terms of speed, quality of work, quantities of work, any parameters to measure ‘A Perfect Professional,’ he seems to crush it each time. If only we had that superpower he possesses, we’d be just as impressive in front of the Boss and form a way better impression. But hold up, is he really from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, or can we get to that point too?

Please don’t feel that person is unique and leaves you behind from miles; NO, THEY’RE NOT! Second of all, it’s not just the hard work that gets them to perform flawlessly in the office each time. It’s straight-up Smartwork. Work-Ethics. Self-Discipline. We don’t want to bore you out because we’re pretty sure you know all this stuff already. It’s the essence of Productivity you’re looking for, and that’s exactly what we’re serving today. So let’s get a little deeper into the subject through our today’s article and make you the best you’ve wanted to become for long enough, with proven scientific practices to adopt.

But first, let’s understand what we even mean by Productivity here, and if it’s limited to office hours, study hours, or there’s more-

What is Productivity- Its Ultimate Horizons

Before you skip this one out, get one thing straight in your head. Overlooking things is the easiest way to lose out on a productive lifestyle. The individuals who idolize this term are often about making sure they don’t leave anything out of their eyeballs, so stay reading TIGERS!

Productivity means to steer clear of that procrastinating side of ours, a total liability. Even if a task seems tedious & tiring, we need to get it done, and that’s where Productivity turns out to be a helping hand, Big time.

When we speak of Productivity, we mean how much work an individual can get done in the least possible amount of time. We don’t bound it solely by office work. Grocery shopping, planning things out, doing your household chores, anything. It’s all about enhancing your workforce and getting things done faster, better, nicer.

Yet as simple as it sounds, most of us aren’t able to adopt this lifestyle and create wonders as people dream of. So, where are we losing out exactly? It’s the unclear perception of Productivity that’s been rooted in our brains. We know what it is, but we don’t know much about how we can become productive. Here are some of the most influential patterns or techniques followed by intellectuals that attain the utter state of Productivity in their lifestyle.

The Roadmap to Productivity-

Follow these 20 tips & Unleash the Beast within!

  1. Wake up Early in the morning.
  2. Start Journalizing your everyday tasks and everything that needs to be done either the night before or early morning.
  3. Formulate a schedule with work-hour blocks & 15 minutes breaks afterwards to ensure you get more work done without being bored.
  4. Make a list of rewards you earn when you complete a task and a set of punishments when you fail to accomplish any.
  5. Listen to White-Light Music while working for increased focus.
  6. Stay off Social Media and keep your phone away while you’re working.
  7. Use your phone only while eating, not while on a break.
  8. Spend as much time outside alone as possible when on breaks.
  9. Meditate.
  10. Never Multitask. One thing at a time, Bingo!
  11. Keep track of your progress daily and maintain this data in a monthly format to check what part of the system you lack.
  12. Use google extensions that block unknown website ads during your working hours.
  13. Wash your face every 3-4 hours. Otherwise, you’ll morph into a sleepy-bun, and your pace of work will be affected badly
  14. Try to get more work done than the previous day because our body and mind are adaptive towards our capabilities and helps us get better results each day. Just like working out & gyming!
  15. Give your eyes a rest by practicing look relaxing exercises.
  16. Write positive affirmations each day about what you love about your life and why you appreciate the fact that the universe has given you another day. Yes, this helps with Productivity.
  17. If you ever feel like you don’t want to perform a task because it seems boring, work on it for 10 minutes; that’s it, this will trick your brain into indulging itself in the task within that time frame, and by the time the 10 minutes come to an end, you’ll be much more interested in getting it done.
  18. At the end of the day, check each task you’ve completed on the present day, and appreciate yourself with the promised rewards. It’s just like treating a puppy for doing the trick. Ha, don’t be mad; it’s only scientific.
  19. Adopt a healthy balanced diet.
  20. Don’t overcomplicate things by coming up with a routine or process that’s hard to follow. It’s consistency that we desire here. So the routine must be easy to follow and not too out of your comfort zone.

If you follow these techniques and consistently give in your efforts, we promise you’ll get 10x more work done in half the time you’d expect. It’s not an impossible task, probably the most doable one, especially for passionate selves like yourself. But self-discipline and consistency are the key factors that determine whether or not you’ll be successful in becoming a productive individual.

Hopefully, you found today’s article helpful and valuable. Make sure to leave a comment below, letting us know what you think about it. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Signing off, people. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!

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