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Sony Net Worth (2021)



Sony Net Worth


Sony is a well-known Japanese electronics company that offers various services, including gaming, electronics, and entertainment. The company has been successfully running for 70 years starting from 7th May 1964. It was founded by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morito in Tokyo Japan. It comprises several headquarters located in Sony city, Tokyo, Minato, and Japan. Sony is the world’s largest consumer and professional electronic product manufacturers, whose current CEO is Kenichiro Yoshida. In addition, Sony is the owner of various profitable subsidiaries. Sony has been constant in the market with a dedicated workforce of over 13,800 employees who constantly work to bring up unique product offerings. Sony’s estimated net worth is $95 billion as of 2021.

Net Worth:$95 Billion
Founders:Akio Morito, and Masaru Ibuka
Headquarters’ regions:Sony city, Tokyo, Minato, and Japan
Company type:For-Profit
Area Served:The United States of America and the World
Last Updated:2021


Sony was founded in Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K.K. (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation) on 7th May 1946 in Toyo Japan by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morito. The company is best known for inventing Japan’s first tape recorder called Type-G. In 1957, Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo changed its name to Sony, which is currently known as the most famous and most prominent brand globally. Soon after the evolution in name, Sony launched its first-ever brand product named TR-55 transistor radio. Following the product’s success, Sony launched the TR-63 radio, which came as a massive success in the United States. It led to the foundation of a new market for the company.


By the year 1971, Akira Morito had become the president of the company. However, the 1980s came with the global recession, which affected many companies, including Sony. Due to the crises, the sale of the company’s electronic products started to fall, and eventually, it forced them to reduce their prices. In 1982, Akiro Morito was replaced by Norio Ohga as the new president of the company. He played a vital role in the development and promotion of compact discs and PlayStation in the company. Thus, he made a considerable contribution to the growth of the company.

Norio’s actions and services for the company made him the most remembered president associated with Sony. He has played a significant role in expanding the entertainment sector of the company by making Sony’s purchase records in 1988, followed by Columbia Pictures in 1989. In addition, his practical leadership skills made the company enter into new businesses. In 2005, Howard Stringer took the responsibility and became the CEO of the company. He came up with some well-remembered and extraordinary contributions, including the blockbuster Spiderman, which successfully uplifted Sony’s media businesses.

However, during the 2000s, the company faced constant struggles, which seemed difficult to overcome. Fortunately, in 2012, Kazuo Hirai became the president and CEO of the company, who tried to overcome this issue by focusing on three critical areas of Sony’s electronic business, including gaming, imaging technology, and mobile technology. As a result, in 2014, Sony successfully sold out its Vaio PC division and changed it into its corporation.

During the same year, the company established two joint ventures with Pearl Group and Shanghai Oriental. This step was taken with the motive of manufacturing and market Sony’s PlayStation games consoles and related software in China. Later on, the company merged its Mobile, TV, and camera business by the year 2019. It resulted in a big hit among teenagers. As a result, Sony is now a pro in every trade who consistently wins its customers through unique products and service offerings.

Net Worth

  • Sony has emerged to be the high-paid company in recent years with its gaming, electronic, and entertainment-related services.
  • Sony’s estimated net worth stands at $95 billion as of 2021.


  • In 2007, Sony became the Sustainable Energy Europe Award winner for its voluntary commitment to energy efficiency by the European Commission.
  • In 2005, Sony became the winner of Awards for Family-friendly corporation on FY.
  • The company has won the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Award (Japan) to support employees raising children and caring for family members by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare during the same year.
  • In 2009, Sony became the winner of the Director-General, Industrial Science and Тесhnоlоgу Роlісу аnd Еnvіrоnmеnt Вurеаu, Міnіѕtrу оf Есоnоmу, Тrаdе аnd Іnduѕtrу Аwаrd fоr Расkіng оf а ѕmаll mоbіlе РС (VАІО Туре Р) bу Јараn Расkаgіng Іnѕtіtutе.

As of 2021, Sony’s net worth is $95 billion.

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