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Bam Margera Net Worth (2022)



Bam Margera Net Worth


Famous skateboarder and television personality Bam Margera is well-known for his appearances on MTV’s Jackass crew. He rose to prominence after appearing in the TV series on MTV. He has also starred in all three of the Jackass movies and features into “Bam” with Tony Hawk and Viva La Bam with Rake Yohn іn 2003 аnd 2004 respectively. In addition, Margera has directed, co-written, соdеd аnd acted in films such as Minghags (1999) & Haggard (2007). He amassed a net worth of $55 million as of 2022.

Net Worth:$55 Million
Profession:Skateboarder and Television Personality
Birth Date:September 28, 1979
Birthplace:West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Last Updated:2022

Early Life and Biography

The Margera family has a long history in the creative arts. Brandon Cole was born on September 28, 1979, and grew up to be an extreme sports performer and actor. He is well known for his antics as he films “Viva La Bam” alongside his father Don Vito, brother Jess Margera and friend Ryan Dunn. The nickname “Bam Bam,” after he ran into walls as a child, eventually became shortened to simply “Bam.” After dropping out of school at 16-years old, he attended West Chester East High School until receiving his GED audit years later when it came time to take responsibility for himself.


Margera used to shoot videos of himself performing stunts and shooting videos of his friends and himself in the past; this later turned into the CKY series. Following this, he released it independently called “CKY.” It was followed by another CKY (Camp Kill Yourself) series. With the success of CKY, he got an opportunity to appear on Jackass on MTV in 2000, where he became performer co-creator executive producer for the TV show Viva La Bam which ran until 2006 when it entered syndication; during its first year, there were 120 episodes filmed with Dicky Dental as dentist host).

He also starred in Punk’d, which began airing in 2004 (he stars as Ryan Kennedy), The Dudesons appeared between 2005–2009, Nitro Circus 2007 – 2010; Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn 2008 – present-day; H2O Teen Wolf 2009 – Present Day Margera has served as co-creator and executive producer for Bad Ass Game Show hosted by Jimmy Roselli since 2016.

In 2002, he served as the writer and actor of the film ‘Jaxx.’ He has also acted in, written, and directed films like Haggard: The Movie (2013), Minhags: The Movie (2010), аnd Bam Margera Presents. (2009-2016). Ваm hаѕ also appeared in Grind іn 2003. Margera was co-producer for the Jaxx series. He released many videos, including Landspeed presents – CY DVD (2010), CY4: Latest & Greatest’ DVD compilation album with Stevie Williams on DBAUNCE! Records; Element: Welcome Back Bam, which featured an audio commentary by Margera himself; Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Series video game soundtracks; Serious as Dog Dirt, his 2008 book release. One of Mr. Margeras’s greatest achievements is how successful a stunt performer he is. In 2003 he became nominated for MTV Movie Award for Best on Screen Team alongside Johnny Knoxville.

Net Worth

  • Bam Margera has earned his fortune as a skateboarder and television personality through his professional career.
  • His estimated net worth stands at $55 million as of 2022. 

Famous Quotes by Bam Margera

“I like geography. I could tell you the capital of any country you want.”― Bam Margera

“Sometimes I wake up, I feel like, I’m like 80-years-old.”― Bam Margera

“These trees and these old people have one thing in common, they’re both going in the ground soon!”― Bam Margera

As of 2022, Bam Margera’s net worth is $55 million.

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