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CJ So Cool Net Worth (2022)



CJ So Cool Net Worth


Cordero James Brady, aka CJ so cool, is an American YouTube personality famous for his prank videos and hilarious reaction videos. His amazing style of reacting to fashionable videos has earned him a total number of 8.76 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is mainly known for creating comedy videos, vlogs, viral videos, reaction videos, and trying not to laugh challenge. CJ hails from Gary, Indiana. Instead of facing a lot of criticism online, he had never held back any opinion and kept on creating phenomenon content. His amazing videos have earned him a total net worth of $6 million as of 2022.

Net Worth:$6 Million
Birth Date:March 29, 1989
Birthplace:Gary, Indiana, United States
Astrological Sign:Aries
Height:5 ft 11 inches (1.8 m)
Last Updated:2022

Early Life

Cordero was born on 29th March 1989 in Gary, Indiana. He was raised in Las Vegas, and his brother Anthony ‘Jinx’ Brady, who currently works as a YouTuber. Cordero faced a difficult childhood. He didn’t receive the right love and care from his parents as his mother became a drug addict, while his father died in jail. CJ did his schooling at the Theodore Roosevelt High School in his hometown. He later pursued his graduation from William A Wirt High School. 

After completing his studies, Cordero joined the navy and got assigned to the presidential guard at 19. Later on, he pursued Criminology at the Pursue University. However, in 2012, he dropped out of the university to look for jobs and support his family. 

Cordero had deep inclinations towards creating videos since childhood. While he was in school, he started his own YouTube channel. It took several years for Cordero to gather 35,000 views on his videos. Finally, in 2014, he created another YouTube channel with the help of his brother Jinx. The other channel proved to be lucky for him as now he was able to improve his content and attract many subscribers and viewers. 

Before becoming a famous YouTuber, CJ has tried his hands on every work. He began working as a card games dealer in a casino. At that time, his YouTube channel started getting good feedback from the audience, due to which CJ decided to leave the previous work and focus on his YouTube channel as a full-time professional career.


Before completely devoting himself to YouTube, CJ tried his luck in other jobs as well. He started by working as a poker dealer, casino craps dealer, and blackjack at a casino. Once he started receiving a good response on his videos, he left the other work and became dedicated to his YouTube channel and took it as a full-time professional career. 

Cordero created his first YouTube channel while being at school and use to upload a wide variety of videos daily, such as ‘The First Day of School‘ and making ‘House Tours‘. During the initial stage of his YouTube career, CJ tried to write songs, lyrics and create videos for his videos. After several years of efforts, he managed to gain only 35,000 views and very few subscribers on his videos. Moreover, his channel didn’t show any positive outcomes. 

In 2012, he decided to bring some changes in the way he worked and created a new YouTube channel with the help of his brother Jinx Brady. This time he focused on improving his content and enhancing his video quality. Finally, his efforts started to show positive results, and he gained stardom in the year 2014. As his fan base increased, he started creating various kinds of videos such as pranks, comedy videos, reaction to fashionable videos, try not to laugh challenge, and videos while travelling to places such as Chicago, Atlanta, Jamaica, Detroit, and more. 

In addition to this, CJ so cool collaborated with his brother Jinx Brady who is also a famous YouTuber and his longtime girlfriend, ‘Royalty’, to whom he married later. Over time, he achieved fame and became a vlogger; with the increasing popularity and demand, he started uploading weekly vlogs and challenge videos with his family.

In 2022 Feb, Via an auction he asked investors to invest amount of $8,50,00 to fund his YouTube videos production and In place of that he offered them to give 35% cut of his monthly YouTube earnings (up to a cap of $55,000) every month until his funder has been paid out $1,113,500.

Criticism and Downfall

However, increasing popularity comes with a little bit of hatred as well. In the case of CJ So Cool, he faced huge criticism from the people. Some of the audience didn’t found his videos funny but offensive. Once, he uploaded a prank video where he mixed laxatives in Royalty’s child’s ice cream and then joked about her daughter’s having pain and diarrhoea. Several viewers found this offensive and took a huge toll on the type of videos he makes. 

They criticized his videos and even began a signature campaign to remove his account from YouTube. Due to this, CJ’s wife Royalty explained to viewers that it was just a prank and did no harm to the child. However, YouTube took action and removed the video from the channel, as it was against their policy. After the incident, Cordero started understanding his audience and limited his content to only challenges and vlogs. His recent video involves offering food to homeless people, which received appreciation from many viewers and helped in calming down the heat. 

However, even after so many efforts, his YouTube channel got hacked in 2015, and all his content got erased. This event made him start everything from scrap and upload the videos again. He still faced a lot of criticism on YouTube from other creators who claimed his video to be inappropriate and copied. Regardless of all the hatred, CJ knows how to grab the eye and achieve views on his videos from even those who didn’t like him.

Net Worth

  • Cordero earns wealth from his YouTube videos, as well as through ads and paid partnerships. 
  • He is also a social media figure on various platforms such as Instagram with 5.2 million followers. 
  • His estimated net worth stands at $6 million.

Personal Life

CJ, so cool, has married his longtime girlfriend Royalty, who also has a daughter named Camari. He is also a stepfather to three kids from his previous relationship. Royalty is a famous Instagram figure and entrepreneur.

As of 2022, CJ So Cool’s net worth is $6 million.

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